Friday, April 24, 2015

Two more pieces also with Procreate

These two are something a bit different, the first is from a basic demo on sighting and measuring from a summer program for high school students that I teach every year for the college. The second is from a class field trip to the Divine Comedy exhibition that featured forty different African artists interpreting the work through drawing, painting, film, installations and photography. I actually combined two of my favorite pieces into the second image.

More Procreate figure work

Here's some more from another session, Procreate has some really great default tools that you can adjust and save, most of these are one to two minute poses.

Some other digital figure drawing

These were done with The Procreate App on an iPad with a Wacom Creative Stylus. It's my go to drawing app when I'm using a tablet like this. All of these are thirty to sixty seconds.

More Costumed Model Drawing!

So again, the same basic process with starting with quick gestures to warm up.

After the warm ups, we then worked with twenty minute poses and again I talked through my process as I did this demo for the class, this time specifically talking about how to use the spacing settings on the brushes menu to create pattern brushes with just the basic default brushes. 

Of course the students are actively working as well, it's all about practice with what is for many of them, a totally new media.

Session Three will be up next week from these will be up next week!

Costumed Model Drawing

Time to post some of my newest figure drawing, these were done with Adobe Photoshop on a Cintiq as part of my Digital Drawing class. Each day this past week we started with some warm up gestures.

Then it's time for some twenty minute poses, during this time I'm explaining my thought process, how I'm using the tools in the program and demonstrating different approaches to drawing the clothed figure.

I'll be posting the other sessions as they happen!

Another Self Portrait

Not quite finished, I'll repost this once it's done but I definitely wanted to do something different than the last one!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Storyboards Part 4


So, in between the two versions of the horror film I was working on, I took on a small storyboarding gig for a film called A PROMISE, a co-production between WONDERWORTHY FILMS, REINDEER PRODUCTIONS LLC and DALUNDA PRODUCTIONS. I was again brought in very early in the pre-production and did some boards to establish some basic visual language for the film and that was the end of my involvement. A pretty straight forward gig with a shot list and little art direction. Cast and locations hadn't been worked out at this point either but a good change of pace to work on an uplifting film right after a horror flick.

These sequences were from all over the script and aren't necessarily in chronological order from the film.

Just started work on storyboards for a new horror feature that's being shopped around, hope to post them in the future but for now that's all I can say (well except that it's already loads of fun!)

Storyboards Part 3


So, here's the last sequence I wound up working on (never got to the whole teenager campfire massacre part, but alas). As before there were some pretty big changes from THE SILENT DARKNESS script to the KISS OF EVIL one, most notably a shift in where the most visual effects would be used in which part of the sequence. THE SILENT DARKNESS had most of them upfront, while the KISS OF EVIL version saved most of them for the hallway pursuit. Again, a real blast to work on!


And now, the KISS OF EVIL version. This one goes a bit further. 

One more set of boards coming up from a completely different film but it's been fun to revisit these. A big shout out to David for the art direction and the film's writer, producer and director Don Ranow!