Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Power Puff Girls! with a brief cameo from the Power Pus Girls

You're probably wondering why on earth I'm posting PowerPuff Girls artwork, there is an explanation, I assure you. I've been using their model sheets along with a loose script that I wrote in my storyboarding class to introduce the mechanics of animation storyboarding. While I have students who are animation majors, I also have a lot of students who aren't and the PowerPuff Girls are simple enough that they don't scare non-cartoonists off. These drawings were just quick demos on constructing the forms by drawing them through for storyboards. I don't have them worry about being "On-Model" too much but rather to concentrate on hook-ups key framing and visual logic.

I always round these characters out a lot more than the model sheets by making their bodies these cone forms and not triangles. I understand the reason for the flatness under the production constraints of the show...but I'm not beholden to that.

The students get the chance to design evil versions of the PowerPuff Girls that they fight in the script (I'm pretty sure they actually did this on the show). I can't believe that none of them have ever hit the comedic paydirt of the atomically acne fueled POWER PUS GIRLS!
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