Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Storyboards Part 4


So, in between the two versions of the horror film I was working on, I took on a small storyboarding gig for a film called A PROMISE, a co-production between WONDERWORTHY FILMS, REINDEER PRODUCTIONS LLC and DALUNDA PRODUCTIONS. I was again brought in very early in the pre-production and did some boards to establish some basic visual language for the film and that was the end of my involvement. A pretty straight forward gig with a shot list and little art direction. Cast and locations hadn't been worked out at this point either but a good change of pace to work on an uplifting film right after a horror flick.

These sequences were from all over the script and aren't necessarily in chronological order from the film.

Just started work on storyboards for a new horror feature that's being shopped around, hope to post them in the future but for now that's all I can say (well except that it's already loads of fun!)
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